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A graduate from the Seattle Culinary Academy which honored her with the "Most Outstanding Pastry Chef” award for 2003

About The Last Bite

....A Boutique Bakery Specializing in European Wedding Cakes

Welcome to The Last Bite!

From whimsical and modern to classic and elegant, a cake from The Last Bite is sure to make your event a grand celebration. Since 2001, our specialty has been custom-designed wedding and celebration cakes that are both sophisticated works of art and mouth-watering desserts. Each cake is handcrafted from scratch using only the finest ingredients, European chocolates, fresh fruit and pure butter. 


Krissie is truly passionate about making cakes and bringing joy to people's special occasions. She began her love of baking as a child but went on to obtain degrees from the University of Washington & the Seattle Culinary Academy. Taking the advice of so many of her friends to start her own business in 2001 proved to be a success!  Krissie continues to perfect her dream and the excitement definitely comes through in every one of her creations.

To maintain our highest level of quality, we tour patisseries around France to learn the latest in European cakes. By harnessing creativity and seeking inspiration, we strive to perfect our craft with practical experience.​